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Deco Mesh

Deco Mesh in 3 widths and a variety of colours.

Here are just a small gallery selection of our Deco Mesh materials.

What exactly is deco mesh?
Deco mesh is a type of craft material frequently used to create wreaths. It is a plastic material with a tighter weave than burlap mesh that is made entirely of polypropylene. Decorative mesh, decorative ribbon, and poly mesh are other names for deco mesh.

What are some applications for mesh ribbon?
Mesh ribbon can be used to form bows for wreaths, gifts, or even Christmas tree decorations.

Is deco mesh waterproof?
Yes! Deco mesh is water resistant because it is constructed of plastic material that has been moulded into the shape of a mesh.

Can wreaths made with deco mesh be left outside?
Yes! Deco mesh is an excellent material for outdoor wreaths. It is not only strong but also water resistant. The fact that it is made of plastic makes it resistant to snow and rain as well! Just keep in mind that your fabric ribbon bows won’t withstand moisture.

Is deco mesh resistant to sunlight?
No, if your wreath is exposed to direct sunshine, the colours will eventually fade. The colours should last considerably longer if your wreath is kept somewhere that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight, though.

How can deco mesh be kept from fraying?
When cut, deco mesh does fray. By far the best option is to use a wheel cutter for a clean cut every time, also an inexpensive way to get going.

Another option would be to heat seal the cut edge with a lighter but obviously this will be at your own risk if you don’t work quickly, as you run the risk of burning the material.

Another option would be an electric cutting knife if you want to invest in a gadget to do the work, the knife blades actually heat up first prior to cutting to seal the edge as you cut.

In what colours is deco mesh available?
Every colour you can imagine! Some mesh is single colour, some has streaks of gold or silver, and some is multicoloured. Every colour of the rainbow is available for purchase!

How much ribbon will a deco mesh wreath involve?
To make a complete wreath, approximately 72 individual curls of deco mesh ribbon are required. However, you can use 36–54 curls to create a wreath that is less full. This project needs a minimum of two rolls of deco mesh ribbon measuring 32 cm by 9.1 m. If you desire more colours, you can use more.

Take a look at this video for some great wreath making tips

What is the ideal length for deco mesh Ribbons on a wreath?
Make sure the ribbon blends in with the wreath’s deco mesh. Cut the ribbon streamers 50 to 75 mm longer than the wreath’s loops. Therefore, if the wreaths’ deco mesh loops are 255mm long, use streamers that are 300–330mm long.

Where can I find deco mesh at the best prices?
Deco mesh may be bought in so many different places! But the best deal will be right here online with Rustic Ribbons. Plenty of all options in stock.

7 Top Tips for Deco Mesh Wreaths
The deco mesh’s ends will try to snag on everything! So when dealing with the mesh, don’t wear loose-fitting clothing.

Make a careful selection of the metal wreath form’s size as the mesh extends considerably further than the shape, so even a small form will produce a fairly large wreath.

Your wreath will be more full the closer you arrange the mesh sections.
Your first wreath will probably not look quite “right” to you when you start it, but don’t give up! Once you’ve attached all of your mesh pieces, the wreath will appear very differently.

Avoid getting hot glue on multiple mesh pieces at once while attaching things. They won’t be as fluffy if they’re stuck together using glue.
You might need to use the scissors to trim the wreath after it is finished. Any stray mesh strands should be cut.

If you use hot glue to add things, hang your wreath and check for thin strands of adhesive. You can remove them by hand.