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Chair Covers

Chairs Covers make a Wedding or Party venue look amazing. Our covers are made from Spandex and we have 9 colours available.

Chair Covers for Weddings & Occasions: A Simple Guide

Your guests are first introduced to the colours and theme of your wedding or event via your chairs and their décor. It’s crucial to get the covers just right because this will continue all the way through your reception.

If you’ve never organised a wedding or event, you might think that chairs are just chairs and that you’ll just use the ones the venue provides. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the seating at your preferred venue will match the motif of your special day. While some contemporary wedding venues may offer chair covers, these are quite basic and won’t match your colour scheme on their own.

Wedding chair coverings are a fantastic and affordable alternative, whether you’re trying to add a soft touch of colour or texture or to cover unattractive banqueting chairs.

wedding chair cover

They’re a requirement, according to event stylists and planners, and in our opinion, they give your big day an air of casual elegance.

We thought we’d put together a basic guide on chair covers and how you can utilise them to make your day special for anyone organising a wedding or big event for the first time.

What Do Chair Covers For Weddings & Events Do?

Pre-made slips that cover the entire chair are used as wedding chair covers. These slips are used to hide any unwelcome patterns, colours, or signs of wear and tear on furniture that is hired out. Because they cover everything, from the very bottom to the very top, they are incredibly handy.

While there are different colours available, white is the most common choice for wedding chair covers. If you’re arranging an evening event, black chair covers are the ideal substitute.

Why We Recommend Covering Your Seating

In addition to what has previously been said, wedding chair covers assist you keep your motif consistent. This is due to the fact that they provide a canvas that may be customised in a variety of ways. There are so many alternatives, including sashes, ribbons, brooches, and flowers!

Chair covers are easily washable and detachable. This means that minor mishaps brought on by too many champagne toasts are not as serious as ruining the actual seating at your wedding site.

Which Style of Chair Cover Do You Require?

You should be aware of the seating options at your location before placing a bulk order for 250 wedding chair covers. This is only one of the many benefits of scheduling your location first.

Chiavari and banqueting chairs are the two main styles of chairs you may encounter. Since they are present in all hotels, older restaurants, and event spaces, the first is the most common and the one you are most likely already familiar with.

The banqueting chair features a straightforward metal frame and a padded, occasionally patterned seat. In contrast to the banqueting chair, the second type, the Chiavari chair, is less prevalent because it is a more recent invention.

These chairs have joints that resemble bamboo and are quite stylish. A ribbon, ruffle hood, or chiffon drape can be used to incorporate a Chiavari into the theme if you don’t want to use a wedding chair cover.

Folding chairs are also possible, however they usually only appear in outdoor settings or informal situations.

A cross back chair is a modern and quickly gaining in popularity. It goes well with rustic wedding themes or outdoor tipi weddings. These wedding chairs each have distinctive style possibilities. Therefore, it’s crucial that you and your event designer or planner discuss style and size before making any chair hire reservations.

Decorating Ideas For Your Wedding & Event Chair Cover

Your event chair covers can be dramatically changed, and an affordable option to tie your theme together, is with a colourful bow or sash. These accessories are available in a wide range of materials, colours, and sizes, and they will precisely fit the colour scheme you have chosen.

These bows are frequently adorned with brooches to give the ensemble a modest glitter. A modest flower adornment or delicate materials will further enhance the beautiful appearance of Chiavari chairs on your special day.

If you require chair covers for a wedding or special event, it would be our pleasure to provide them.

We offer a wide range of covers in various colours, as well as traditional white and black, as well as a huge assortment of bows and sashes.

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